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Bodegas Tionio

Bodegas Tionio

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Bodegas Tionio, in the grounds of the Pago de Casar finca are located in Pesquera de Duero. It’s vines are on the land belonging to La Asperilla, in Peñafiel. Our philosophy is to produce the best wine possible from each harvest.

The 20 hectares of Tinta Fina and 2 hectares of Cabernet Sauvingon located at La Asperilla receive strong extremes of temperature between day and night, in summer often dropping from 32ºC to as low as 6ºC in the same day. These unique climate conditions result in extraordinarily intense colour and aroma. Typically, vines capable of withstanding such conditions produce high class wines that are deeply aromatic and excellently structured, with a high alcohol percentage, style and longevity.

The soil is predominantly limestone and gravel, and the vines are densely planted allowing for greater competition between the plants, resulting in naturally regulated growth. The strain used for the wine has a low yield and a small grape that matures rapidly. The result; a high phenolic content, optimal ripeness, a rich colour and a refined structure. The vendime is carried out in small boxes, selected by hand, pre-fermented cold, macerated and then submitted to macrolectic fermentation before maturing in Allier oak barrels of a maximum age of 3 years.

In Roman times, ‘Tionian wine’ was the name given to the purest, and this remains our primary objective today. The D.O. is situated at the edge of the Alto Duero, in the heart of Castilla. In all, La Ribera del Duero consists of 22.000 hectares of vine spread over a region encompassing parts of Burgos, Valladolid, Soria and Segovia. With a mean elevatiown of 800 meters, La Ribera enjoys a continental climate, with extreme temperatures in summer and winter, a propensity to frost and long periods of drought over the hot summers.

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