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Bodegas Luis Cañas

Bodegas Luis Cañas

Luis Canas For more than a century, our family has been devoted to producing and selling traditional young wines made by the carbonic maceration method (whole clusters). These were made in the Cueva de los Curas (Priests’ Cavern), an ancient cellar carved out of the ground and which still today forms part of the landscape of the area.
Formerly, the wines were transported by Carlos Cañas, the father of Luis Cañas (now 87 years´ old), in carts drawn by mules, crossing the Sierra Cantabria and Montes de Vitoria to the borders of Bilbao and San Sebastián, more than 100 kilometres from Villabuena.
In 1928 the founder, Luis Cañas was born. A perfectionist, exceptionally hardworking and whose motivation was always the pride of achieving the best quality in his vineyards and consequently in his bulk wines which convinced the palates of the great wine merchants who at the time were based in the Bilbao Alhóndiga market
It was in 1970 that Luis Cañas went on the market selling bottled young wines which had previously only been sold in bulk. That same year, not far from the Cueva de los Curas, we created the winery which bears our name and poured into it all our passion for the grape, the true origin of wines of the finest quality from the Rioja Alavesa.

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